uPOLI is an URL shortening service. upo.li is free to use and can be useful in many different situations such as tweeting, SMS messaging or other situations in which character number is limited.

In order to use upo.li simply type the long URL you wish to shorten in the big box on top, and optionally your preferred short URL suffix in the small box at the bottom.

You now have your short, catchy URL.

You can see statistics or sort in bundles and make a QR-Code. You can use the shortened urls anywhere you want! You can use Jiebbe in the language: English, Français, Deutsch, Español and Nederlands.


You can easily use the website in 5 different languages. We support currently the following languages: English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish.

Why you should use ?

  •   100% Free
  •   Easy to use
  •   Bundles and Share
  •   Social media Friendly
  •   Extensive statistics
  •   Support QR-code
  •   Facebook or Twitter connect
  •   5 Languages


When you sign up with an account, you can view and manage your shortened urls. See advanced statistics and also we offer the opportunity to sort your shortened URLS in convenient bundles. Keep in control of your shortened URLs and remove them when needed. there is no limit!


Shortened links are easy to share in social media. They are social-friendly. After the short you get a screen with the ability to share the url to facebook or twitter. Of course you can paste the shortened urls anywhere you want.


Divide the short-URLs in bundles and share it with your friends. So they can easily find your shortened urls back. For business purposes, is this a common option. You can keep them public but also private.

Do you want to see a public profile & bundles?  http://btfd.ca/profile/BTFD 

Facebook & Twiiter Connect. 

You can login with your Facebook or Twitter profile. This is quick and easy for you. You have the same options as a default email-account

Demo Login 

Do you want to try a BTFD.ca account?

Username: Demo
Password: DemoPass